"Dhermans is a perfectionist--his draftsmanship beyond reproach. In these paintings images and objects defy gravity believably. Dhermans has done the impossible, he has made the impossible believable. His intellectual imagination is a manifestation of his unique turn of mind."


"Giving new shapes to today's surrealism, Dhermans knows how to include poetic images into the most established constructivism. In the most precise discipline, some dreams are added to all the hues of a colored geometry."


"Dhermans' palette is so well developed, so amazingly shaped in its simplicity that one perceives a sense of peacefulness coming from the tenderness of the hues."


"Actually there are a lot of dreams in Dhermans' wonderfully framed world."


"Dhermans. 'The Four Seasons:' An appealing and very personal composition."


"Rhythm, strength and style are in Dhermans' works. The skills of the engineer doubles the artist's inspiration. Depicting the most beautiful creations of God, he knows how to combine strength and gracefulness to his constant dreams."


"There is the search of balance in the unbalance, the quest of order in the disorder. The figurative shapes, in contrast to a kinetic universe, are a unique combination. It is this association that makes Dhermans' works so remarkable."